In the event that you would need to cancel or reschedule, Power Hair requires 48 hours notice. If 48 hours notice is not given for any changes the deposit will not be refunded. No-shows are included under this policy and, respectfully, we reserve the right to no longer have you as our guest at Power Hair. We understand, shit happens, but it impacts the livelihood of not only our stylists but our business when you do not respect the time we have carved out specifically for you. We also understand that your hair is important and in the event we need to move your appointment last minute for any reason, we will be our best to accommodate you ASAP and offer a free conditioning service on your next visit as a thank you for being flexible.

Deposits and Fees

Upon booking, we will often require a deposit (made via Venmo or PayPal, no credit card numbers will need to be given) if the service requested exceeds $100 or is a coveted weekend or evening appointment. Deposits are not always necessary but we will often require them for first time guests. The amount requested by us will be based on the services booked. If no deposit was given and you fail to meet the 48 hours notice policy, we kindly ask for 25% of the service ticket on your first offense and 50% for repeat offenders.

Product Exchanges/Refunds or Unsatisfactory Services

No refunds or exchanges will be given for opened haircare products. If you are unhappy with an item, you can return your used product to us and receive 20% off another product of your choosing.

If you are unhappy with your hair after your visit, we allow seven days notice from your performed service date to request any alterations to your cut or color. If you were given something you requested but simply don’t like it and want to make changes, your stylist will consult with you on how you can move forward or what compensation will be needed to make the necessary changes so that you are one hundred percent comfortable with your new hair. As professionals, we value our artist integrity and if we do not believe the cut or color requested will suit you, will not work with your texture or current color canvas, etc., we will sometimes choose to not move forward with your service but will happily refer you elsewhere. We firmly believe that no stylist or client should need to compromise with what they want or think is best so we encourage a very lengthy and honest consultation with every visit.


We do love kids, but, we do not offer services for anyone under the age of twelve. Services for twelve and up will be charged list price.